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About Me

Hi, I’m Kathryn! I have been riding motorcycles for six years. I have been drawn to motorcycles since I was a kid and have always wanted to learn to ride. The only problem? I always thought I was too short! I am only 4’11” with a 27 inch inseam. It was only after I met my husband (who also rides), that I was convinced I should buy a motorcycle and give it a try. 


It took me about a year to learn to ride comfortably and there have been many things I have learned over the last six years. I am still learning every day! My intention with this website is to provide a place where vertically challenged women can find inspiration as well as information to help them feel more confident riding across a varied range of motorcycles. I will share my story, helpful gear, ways I am modifying my current bike, and videos I have watched to learn new skills or techniques. 


Feel free to contact me if there is a topic or question you would like to see addressed:

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