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Improving Handlebar Ergonomics

Comfort and handlebar ergonomics are so important for long rides! My SV650 did not have stock handlebars when I bought it. It had been dropped at one point causing damage to the forks and handlebars. The previous owner had put a more sport bike oriented ProTaper bar on. I realized after the first few rides my arms were very stretched out and it caused me to lock my elbows, especially when coming to a stop. After even a brief ride my shoulder, elbow, and wrists were hurting.

My husband (who is more mechanically inclined!) and I decided we needed to change out the handlebar and add different risers. There was some trial and error! At first we tried just adding basic risers from Cycle Gear, but just taking the handlebars up did not help me enough. I also needed the bars to come closer towards me. We also realized that we would likely need an extended clutch and throttle cable :(!

First, we bought this narrower handlebar that had more of a bend and extension than the original bar: ProTaper Sport Aluminum Mini Bend Off-Road Motorcycle Handlebars - Black / 7/8" : Automotive. Then we found this great riser that helped to bring the bar closer to me as well as up: Xitomer 7/8" 22mm Motorcycle ATV Dirt Bike Motocross Handlebar Risers With Clamps, Fit for NC750S /VTR 1000F, Z800/ KX100, DRZ 400/S/V-Strom (Matte Black) : Automotive. For being an Amazon part, it is actually good quality and was matte black to match my bike!

We also purchased some new grips to help to decrease the vibration: Pro Grip 719 RVGS Gel Grips - RevZilla.

The most challenging part to find were longer throttle and clutch cables! On a SV forum we found a link for a Japanese website where they obtained longer cables. We took a chance and bought both the 50mm and 100mm length cables. It turned out the that 50mm cables were the perfect length and were just what we needed. Links: EFFEX : Clutch cable [ECC54402] (, EFFEX : throttle cable [ECT54402] (

These changes have greatly improved my comfort while riding and were very easy to do! I would recommend that any short rider improve the ergonomics for their riding as much as possible. See below for an after picture as well as a link for my YouTube video showcasing the handlebar improvement.

(1) Improving Handlebar Ergonomics for Short Riders - YouTube

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